Terms of Service

Before placing an order through our panel, we encourage you to carefully read our Terms of Service.

These Terms represent a significant agreement between you and us, and they affect your legal rights and your possibilities for dispute resolution.

By placing an order with QualityBoosters, you automatically accept all the Terms of Service listed below, whether you have read them or not.

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice. Therefore, we invite you to regularly review these Terms to stay updated on any future changes or updates.

For any questions regarding our Terms of Service, please contact our customer service. We are ready to assist you and answer all your concerns.

By placing an order on our website, the user automatically agrees to the following terms of service, regardless of their reading or understanding.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and reserve the right to modify the services offered to ensure the completion of an order. It is the user's responsibility to stay updated on any changes.

The user is required to use our website in accordance with the terms of service of all social media platforms, as specified in their respective terms pages.

Our rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice, but such changes do not affect the validity of the terms of service.

While we provide an estimated delivery time, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery timeframe for our services. Refunds for orders in progress will not be issued solely based on the user's perception of a prolonged wait.

By purchasing a service from QualityBoosters, the user acknowledges and accepts our terms of service, which are subject to modification without prior notice. It is recommended that the user carefully reads and understands the terms of service before proceeding with a purchase.

Our payment and refund policy remains in effect despite any changes in service prices.

Disclaimer: QualityBoosters assumes no responsibility for any damages incurred by the user or their company. We are not liable for account suspensions or content deletions by Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or other social media platforms.

To meet our customers' expectations, we may make changes to the type of service to complete an order, if necessary.

QualityBoosters.com is designed as a tool to amplify your online presence, promoting your website or your profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platforms.

We wish to emphasize that while we strive to ensure the acquisition of followers for which you have made a payment, we cannot guarantee that these new followers will actively interact with your account.

Despite our ongoing effort to ensure that each account features a profile picture, a complete biography, and published images, we must clarify that we cannot guarantee these features will be present in 100% of the profiles we manage.

It is categorically prohibited to use our service to advertise profiles or websites that include nudity or any other material that does not respect the regulations and community ethics of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

We want to inform you that private accounts are not eligible for refunds. To prevent any discrepancies, we invite you to verify that your account is set as public before placing an order.

The following represents our refund policy, applicable to all orders placed on our website. We encourage you to carefully review the conditions outlined here before making a purchase.

Full Refund: We grant a full refund for claims made within 14 days from the purchase date in cases where:

• An order is not initiated within a period of 5 business days, in which case the customer is entitled to a full refund.

• An order marked as completed is not actually initiated, under which circumstance the customer is entitled to a full refund.

Undelivered Orders: If an order cannot be delivered due to force majeure, we will promptly inform the customer via the contacts provided. A refund credit will then be issued to their QualityBoosters account as soon as possible.

Refund Limitations: Incorrect orders or those intended for private accounts are not eligible for a refund. Please check carefully the details entered, such as the post URL and account privacy, for each order before confirming it.

It is important to note that the use of unauthorized or stolen credit cards constitutes fraudulent activity and will result in immediate closure of your account, without any exception.

We urge you not to use more than one server at the same time for the same page. Under such circumstances, we are unable to guarantee the correct number of followers/likes and will not proceed with any refund for such orders. Thus, paying careful attention to this aspect is of paramount importance.

Delivery Times: Most of our services are initiated immediately, with some exceptions that may require up to 48 hours for delivery. If the customer does not receive the service within the expected time, we encourage them to contact our support team, available online 24/7, for assistance.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, therefore we apply a fair and transparent refund policy. However, we reserve the right to modify the terms and vary them at any time.

At QualityBoosters, we deeply value your privacy and have implemented specific measures to safeguard your personal information. This policy sets forth how we collect and use your information, underscoring our commitment to keeping it confidential.

We gather data from our users, including names, email addresses, and IP addresses. We assure you that none of the confidential information you provide to us is shared with third parties, nor do we disclose details related to your orders.

We wish to emphasize that the personal information we obtain will be used solely for processing your order. We will neither sell nor redistribute your personal information to anyone. Furthermore, we assure you that we will not disclose any information related to your resale activity - all data stays secure with us.

Our commitment to data security is demonstrated by our efforts to protect your information from potential fraud, theft, or loss. We use secure servers to store your personal information and encrypt the data for enhanced protection against any possible third-party interference.

By using our services, you accept the terms of this privacy policy.

Please note that we reserve the right to amend this policy at any time, and we will provide notifications of any changes on our website.